Welcome to A Smarter Home

Hi there! My name is Brecht and I’m a Belgian software developer on a mission: making a smarter home.

Well technically not just a home. I’m going to make my home smarter and will be sharing my research, progress and any tips & tricks I come across while doing so.

Hopefully, this will allow you to make your home smarter as well.

My Smart Home Project

In March 2021 construction started on our new family home. A new build is great as it gives you lots of possibilities. This also means that there’s lots to think about, so let’s start at the beginning: the planning phase

Over at Planning a Smarter Home you can find everything related to arguably one of the most exciting parts of any project.

What’s next?

No electrical work has been done yet, so for now our project is still in the planning phase. As the build moves along, you’ll find blog posts covering other topics!